About Us

MINDYNAMICS is a skill development and training company that helps individuals and corporates to develop a learning atmosphere around them, through the virtual and physical sessions conducted by industry experts. Through this e-learning platform we bring to you short learning courses that will help you to learn and grow at a fast pace.
All other services provided by Mindynamics are listed on the company website https://www.mindynamics.in

Saakshi Choithani - Founder and CEO

Our Story

Learning is a journey and you can be updated in the professional world only when you keep learning about new tools, technology and gain knowledge in your core area of work. The learning phase for an individual starts at a very young age and schooling is the first academic structure that helps individuals to learn. However, there is a lot of transformation required in the way we learn and in the way we percieve education.

With the aim of helping individuals with practical tools to increase their skills, MINDYNAMICS tries to bring forward such courses that can change the way individuals work. 

Keep Learning. Keep Sharing. 

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Our program instructors are the domain experts in their relative fields. We look forward to bring more experts on this platform so that the learners can benefit from them.

Saakshi Choithani

A Work Life Transformation Coach keen at teaching people skills to be stress free at work. Automation and emotional balance at workplace are her key areas of work. 

Arun Soni

International Author and a record holder in Limca Book Of World Recors, he is an expert into Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. 

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